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Sharon Wallace - Trauma & Attachment Counsellor


Childhood trauma

Attachments and relationships



Emotional regulation


Individual Counselling, face to face, Fairy Meadow NSW

DO you

feel overwhelmed by emotions at the moment? Are you overthinking, experiencing anxiety, a strong need for control or even anger? Perhaps there has been past trauma or you're not sure why you are feeling what you're feeling.
The therapy I provide helps clients add
ress past and present problems in a way that provides new insights, increased self-awareness, a better relationship with yourself and others, freedom and some peace.

As an experienced Trauma Counsellor, I provide a safe space to be heard, feel valued and help you question things  at a deeper level. Linking childhood experiences to present behaviours and responses helps you gain deeper understanding and freedom to make change in many areas of your life. 

Trauma Counsellor helping individuals with past and present issues.
Registered Counsellor with qualifications
Registered Trauma Counsellor
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Counselling offers hope and practical strategies.


Therapy can help:​

  • reduce anxiety and depression

  • understand and make sense of past experiences

  • make links to current behaviours and responses

  • gain closure

  • rebuild from religious trauma

  • improve communication styles

  • build self-compassion and reduce harsh self-criticism 

  • decrease psychological distress

  • reduction of addictive behaviours

  • manage stress-related challenges

  • reduce symptoms of PTSD and past trauma

  • reduce risky behaviours and improve constructive behaviours

  • establish coping skills and positively address negative emotions

  • improve emotional regulation and emotional vocabulary

  • understand attachment styles, behaviours and relationships

  • improve self-esteem and communication styles

           and more...

Everyone is different and so are the problems faced. I draw from a variety of therapies,

such as: ​ Narrative Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Trauma-informed Therapy, Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic therapy. 

With deeper understanding and fresh perspective clients will feel hopeful, and empowered to create positive change their life.



You're one step closer. 

 Counselling is where good things happen!

No referral needed and low wait list.

Book your

free 15-min phone consultation

When you book your FREE 15-min phone consult with Sharon, she will call and ask a few questions to make sure she is the right therapist for you,

and together,

book your first counselling session.

"Could not speak more highly of Sharon or recommend her enough!

She is so easy to open up to, listens without judgment and has given me so many ways to actually help with my problems.
Definitely glad I found Core Counselling Services."

Miss C, North Wollongong

"Sharon helped me to completely turn my life around. Through offering a safe space, and a welcoming environment we were able to really get to the core of what was going on, and work through it. The space she offers also allows a lot of brainstorming and proper discussion to occur in order for you to grow. Her ability to facilitate you through the sessions is unparalleled.
Sharon is light, bubbly, and fun but also serious when she needs to be. I cannot recommend her enough, please get in contact with her if you are thinking about starting this jo

Mr J,  Wollongong

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