If you're experiencing difficulty in your life at the moment - you are not alone. We have all had our share of hurdles. 
As an experienced Registered Counsellor, I can provide you with a safe place to be heard and feel valued. I can help you question things which could help you understand why they occur at a deeper level, and provide practical tools so you feel inspired to create the change you are looking for. ​

Counselling offers hope and practical strategies you can apply immediately. 


Therapy can help:

  • reduce anxiety and depression

  • decrease psychological distress

  • reduction of addictive behaviours

  • manage stress-related challenges

  • reduce symptoms of PTSD and past trauma

  • reduce risky behaviours and improve constructive behaviours

  • establish coping skills and positively address negative emotions

  • improve in physical health and activity

  • understand attachment styles, behaviours and relationships

  • improve self-esteem and communication styles

           and more...

Everyone is different and so are the problems faced. I work from a variety of therapies, some of which are: ​ Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

With deeper understanding and fresh perspective you will feel hopeful and empowered to create positive change in your life.

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 Counselling is where good things happen!

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"Could not speak more highly of Sharon or recommend her enough!

She is so easy to open up to, listens without judgment and has given me so many ways to actually help with my problems.
Definitely glad I found Core Counselling Services."

Miss C, North Wollongong

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