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Trauma Counsellor Sharon Wallace

I am a Trauma and Attachment Counsellor with a degree in Counselling and registration with the Australian Counselling Association. I describe myself as strong, independent, creative, and humorous. I am a mother, counsellor, business owner, artist, educator, friend, and feminist, but my identity is constantly evolving as I continue to learn and grow.

My decades of personal and professional experiences have led me to specialize in trauma and attachment counselling. I have worked with children and adults in preschools, foster care, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and private practice. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of attachments and trauma. Our relationships and life experiences shape how we view the world. In private practice, I have helped clients with issues such as childhood trauma, eating disorders, infidelity, parenting issues, sexual trauma, addictions, anxiety, and depression.

I help people navigate negative experiences and relationships. Working in private practice allows me to support a diverse range of clients. I love seeing my clients change, whether they become assertive, manage anxiety, say no without guilt, or overcome past triggers. Witnessing these moments is incredibly rewarding.

My therapy approach is explorative, focusing on the root causes of present issues. I offer a therapeutic relationship based on empathy, non-judgment, and curiosity. By asking questions that broaden perspectives, I help foster new hope. My collaborative approach empowers clients to create positive change. Sessions are conversational and relaxed, often leaving clients feeling hopeful after the first meeting.

I look forward to supporting you in your exploration of self.

"Sharon is a very approachable counsellor. The way she sparks conversation provides new perspective on situations. Her wealth of knowledge is endless and helps me lower my guard. Could not recommend Sharon enough."

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